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수원지방법원 안양지원 2015.07.16 2014고단501

A defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than eight months.


Punishment of the crime

From March 2012, the Defendant had a party D (hereinafter referred to as “victim”) and the Defendant’s wife E “G real estate” in the name of “G real estate” in Ansan-gu from around March 2012, the Defendant engaged in a Dong business (the victim shall be registered as an authorized broker, but the Defendant, the husband of the E, shall have divided profits at 50:50 percent on the condition that he/she would have been able to conduct business by introducing a majority of his/her transaction cases. On or around September 2012, the Defendant was accused of the relationship with the Defendant and the victim, and had the victim undergo an investigation into the police of the case, such as assault, around March 201, 2013.

The Defendant, in fact, filed a criminal complaint and civil suit to the effect that, although the settlement of profits between the victim and E was completed, the Defendant was not the party to the same business, and even if the Defendant introduced a transaction case, the Defendant did not intend to distribute the commission separately from E, and thus, the Defendant did not receive the commission from the victim. Thus, the Defendant’s criminal complaint and civil suit to the effect that the Defendant received a total of 11,807,60 won from the same business profits to the victim, filed a complaint and civil suit to the effect that there was a conflict case in the course of exercising the right to receive the money

1. On July 19, 2013, the Defendant submitted a written complaint to the civil petition office of the police station at the time of Gyeyang-gu, 159-ro 159-ro during the period of Ansan-si, stating that “the case of fraud that only gives a fee to a person operating a real estate business every day and does not make a false statement every day,” and on July 24, 201, stating that “the victim would pay 70% brokerage commission even if he did not think from the beginning of the fee,” and stating that the victim would pay 11,807,600 won in total.