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수원지방법원 평택지원 2017.01.12 2016고단2624

1. The defendant A shall be punished by imprisonment with prison labor for ten months;

However, the above sentence shall be executed for a period of two years from the date this judgment becomes final and conclusive.


Punishment of the crime


A and victim D are working, and victim E is a person operating G in Pyeongtaek-siF, and the relationship between Defendant B and his husband.

1. Defendant A

A. Property damage: (a) on November 15, 2016, the Defendant destroyed the H road located in Pyeongtaek-siF, on the grounds that the said E does not have a beer and beer, on the front of the said G G, on the ground that the said E does not have a beer and beer. (b) on the ground that he was under the influence of alcohol, and (c) on the part of the victim I, the victim I in front of the said store, string up twice a non-standing signboard at the market price.

Accordingly, the defendant damaged the victim's property.

B. Violation of the Punishment of Specific Violence, Violence, etc. Act (joint injury) provides the victim E with a view to hearing the sound from a signboard at the time and place specified in paragraph (1) and in the process of taking a bath to the victim E, the victim E with a view to breaking the victim’s body, and the victim E was tightly tightly pushed the victim E’s face by taking advantage of his/her finger and her fingers.

The defendant continued to gather the face and body of the victim B by taking advantage of drinking and salivation, and caused the wall, which is a dangerous object in the side, to the face of the victim E.

D) Accordingly, the victim E and the victim B's face was satisfyed one time by hand, and the victim E and the victim B were pushed down by hand.

Therefore, the victim E has been suffering from scarke in need of treatment between approximately 21 days of treatment days, and scarkes, etc., which require treatment for about 14 days to the victim B, respectively.

Accordingly, the defendant, carrying dangerous articles, assaults E, and inflicted an injury on the victims jointly with D.


On November 15, 2016, the Defendant interfered with the performance of official duties, at around 01:00, the police officer K, who was called out after receiving 112 reports from the front line of the He, notified the police of the dispatch to the police station by the police officer, and prevented the Defendant from fighting, E, B, etc., and the police officer’s snow bomb.