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(영문) 수원지방법원 2016.08.31 2016고단3003


A and B Imprisonment with one year and six months, and each fine of 50 million won, and Defendant C shall be punished by imprisonment with prison labor for eight months, Defendant D and E.


Punishment of the crime

1. Defendant A, B, and B were those who had become aware of a financial institution’s loan consulting company in around 2012. On January 2015, Defendant A, B, and B were to receive a low interest rate from a financial institution and to use a high interest rate due to lack of financial knowledge despite a low interest rate loan available, Defendant A, B, and B provided an office for loan business by employing telephone consultants and employees in charge of document management, and provided information on customers who use a financial institution’s high interest rate through a financial institution’s business employees, etc. through telephone consultation with the above customers, and provided them with information on customers who use a financial institution’ high interest rate through telephone consultation, and provided them with a financial institution with a low interest rate to receive a low interest rate of loan from a financial institution, and then introduced them to Defendant B and B, one to three percent of the loan principal and principal of loan funds from among the above 10% interest rate, and introduced them to each of the above customers, 1 to three percent of loan funds to Defendant B, 2, and 3% of loan funds to each of financial institution.


A and B conspired on February 4, 2016, Defendant A and B’s “M” in the Songpa-gu Seoul Metropolitan City L Building A and 503, Defendant A received N’s loan information from Defendant A and distributed work to O who is a counseling employee, and O made a phone call to N to “E talk, and is using a loan with a high interest rate of customer,” with N’s consent, and Defendant A and B’s employees submitted a loan certificate, certificate, certificate, etc. around the 19th day of the same month and received KRW 40,000,00.