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의정부지방법원고양지원 2016.12.07 2016가단72699

1. The defendant shall display a map in the attached Form 750 (the place where the defendant runs in the Gun, Si, Gun, and Si, Gun (the place where the plaintiff runs in the Gun, Si, Gun).


1. Basic facts

A. On July 24, 2014, the Plaintiff entered into a contract with the Defendant for the exclusive operation of the store as indicated in Paragraph (1) of the Disposition (hereinafter “instant store”) as follows (hereinafter “instant contract”).

Section 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Agreement is to promote profit increase and to clarify the contractual relationship between Cow Day Distribution and Partnership(s) in operating stores providing convenience and high-quality services to the customers using railroads in compliance with the business system of Cow Day Distribution and all business regulations and this Agreement in the railroad stations managed by Cow Day Distribution(Plaintiff).

Article 4 (Indication of Sales Shops) The outlines of sales stores which a partner is able to use for the operation of this business are as follows:

However, the area may be adjusted somewhat according to the installation of interior facilities, etc.

Article 22 (Contract Period) ① The period of calculating the investment cost for the basic contract term of a railroad station store in the field of business in the location of the location of the station shall be calculated by adding the investment cost for each business area to the average amount of the investment cost.

Provided, That the maximum operating period for each store shall be one year at the time of renewal, and the maximum operating period for each store shall be the last day of the month of the conclusion of the contract which has passed three years (five years) after the relevant year including

(Scheduled Date of Termination of the Maximum Operating Period: July 31, 2017) The basic term of contract for investment expenses (i.e., tin-type store) for the establishment of a business franchise store (type of business) is 8,100,000 to 1.01. October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 (Sales Management and Sales Deposit) 6. A partner shall account at a financial institution designated at the relevant headquarters (branch) or the relevant headquarters (branch) for the distribution of Ko Daily by 16:00 to 16:00 the following day.