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(영문) 수원지방법원평택지원 2020.08.14 2020가단55556

The defendant shall pay 77,419,242 won to the plaintiff and 12% per annum from March 24, 2020 to the day of complete payment.


1. The Plaintiff’s basic fact-finding is a corporation whose business purpose is the production of the knives panel; the Plaintiff produced and supplied the knives board totaling KRW 77,726,90 from July 2019 to November 2019; and the Plaintiff merely received KRW 307,658 from the Defendant and did not receive KRW 77,419,242 from the Defendant; or the Plaintiff may be recognized by taking account of the overall purport of the pleadings as a whole.

2. According to the above facts of determination, the defendant is obligated to pay to the plaintiff the amount of 77,419,242 won payable to the plaintiff and damages for delay calculated at the rate of 12% per annum from March 24, 2020 to the day of complete payment, which is the day following the delivery date of the application for the payment order in this case filed by the plaintiff.

3. Conclusion of the Plaintiff’s claim