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(영문) 울산지방법원 2014.12.24 2014고정1115

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of KRW 5,000,000.

If the defendant does not pay the above fine, 50,000 won shall be one day.


Punishment of the crime

The Defendant, who returned from April 201 to January 2013, 201, had hedginged with the victim C, had the victim prepared to enter into a marriage with another male, and had the Defendant look at the screen of the “Kakakao Stockholm” or on the screen of the “Kakao Pacific” page, which is an information and communications network, for the purpose of slandering the victim’s reputation, to allow the Defendant to view the Kakao Stockholm-friendly.

1. On September 2013, the Defendant, at the office of the Defendant of Ulsan-gu Defendant D on September 1, 2013, posted a photograph of the Defendant’s cell phone Kakaoo Stockholm, which was taken with the victim before the Defendant’s cell phone Kakao Stockholm screen, and damaged the victim’s reputation by openly pointing out false information by inserting a picture for each person living together with C (victim’s name in English initials) using an information and communications network by inserting a letter “C (victim’s name) with his/her heart, so that his/her heart living together with the victim is debrised.”

2. 피고인은 2013. 10. 1. 23:08경 위 1항 기재 장소에서 피고인의 휴대전화 카카오스토리에 “C 세상이 다 아는데 학우들이 우리의 관계와 가족들이 아는데 또 다른 사람을 만나 카스와 카톡에 사진을 올린다고 과거가 없어지니 2013년 6월까지 집에서 자고 섹스를 하며 지낸 건 무슨 의미니!! 정말 너의 사고방식이ㅋㅋ”라고 정보통신망을 통하여 공공연하게 허위의 사실을 적시하여 피해자의 명예를 훼손하고,

3. On October 1, 2013: (a) around 23:15, the Defendant posted the Defendant’s mobile phone cartoo on the cell phone of the Defendant, stating, “Once it is in the process of litigation, such as a claim for consolation money for a de facto marriage with C and a de facto marriage, and a law of abortion for adultery, it shall be asked directly in telephone or text to the effect that it is true; and (b) thereby impairing the victim’s reputation by openly pointing out false information through an information and communications network.”

Summary of Evidence

1. Part of the defendant;