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(영문) 광주지방법원 순천지원 2013.05.03 2013고정148


A A Fines of 1,00,000 won, Defendant B of 2,000,000 won, Defendant C and D of each fine of 800,000 won.


Punishment of the crime

The Defendants have discussed the issues of victim E (W, 58 years old), F (ma, South, 50 years old), G (ma, 47 years old), H (ma, 47 years old), H (ma, 49 years old), and funeral service area with street stores that sell the same special products in tourist destinations such as Ye-si, Ye-si, Ye-si, Ye-si, and Ye-si (ma, 49 years old).

On August 21, 2012, at around 13:20 on August 21, 2012, the Defendants: (a) reported that the J, the first day of the victims, was prepared in the parking lot prior to the International Sight Line; and (b) told the J that the Defendants did not perform a funeral.

Therefore, when the victim G resist resisted the defendants about why they could not perform funeral services, the defendant D was shouldered with the shoulder of the victim G.

In addition, Defendant B had the chest of the victim G faced with the cross-section of the Ecuas vehicle parked in the middle of the ecoos vehicle, etc. which was parked in the middle of the ecuas vehicle by hand, and the face side was 2 times the hand floor of the victim G.

In addition, Defendant C was tightly pushed down the victim G's chest by her hand.

Defendant D continued to keep up with the victim H’s arms to avoid the Defendants’ act, and Defendant A was pushed down with the victim G’s chest as his hand.

In addition, Defendant B was pushed down the chest part of the victim F, who is the driving of the victim H, with his hand, and took the face with the hand floor. Defendant A was pushed down the part of the victim F with his finger hand, and got the victim F's chest face once a week.

Then, Defendant A, while taking a desire to the victim E, pushed the breast part of the breast part by hand and pushed the finger part with the hand floor once.

In addition, Defendant C reduced the Victim F’s timber to the left hand, cut the part of the Victim G with his hand, and the Defendant D sealed the chest part of the Victim F with his hand, and left the Victim H’s arms.

As a result, the Defendants jointly need to treat the victims E for about two weeks of medical treatment, and spambling the parts of the sales in an unidentified detail, and the victims.