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서울중앙지방법원 2015.03.25 2014고정2592

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of KRW 1,000,000.

When the defendant does not pay the above fine, 100,000 won.


Punishment of the crime

The defendant is a person who resides in B 212.

On April 21, 2014, at around 12:50, the Defendant: (a) committed assault against the victim on the face of the victim on the ground that the victim D (58) operated by the victim D (58) in Gwanak-gu in Seoul Special Metropolitan City, caused the Defendant’s behavior to avoid disturbance on the 5th floor corridor; (b) received water from the victim on his hand on the ground that the victim prevented the disturbance; and (c) caused his buckbucks.

Summary of Evidence

1. Parts of the statement made by witnesses D in the seventh trial records;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes to written statements of victims;

1. Relevant provisions of the Criminal Act and Article 260 (1) of the Criminal Act concerning the selection of punishment.

1. Articles 70 (1) and 69 (2) of the Criminal Act for the detention of a workhouse;

1. Article 334 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act of the provisional payment order;