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광주지방법원 2013.12.12 2013고정973

The defendant shall be innocent.


1. The Defendant is the train crew belonging to C.

On November 3, 2012, at around 02:30, the Defendant: (a) 1103 the Yongsan Pool Pospon train train 1103, the Defendant d (58 years of age) and franch at the expense of the victim at the time of a free-of-sale car; (b) spiting the victim, spiting the Defendant’s brin by taking a strong bath, brining the Defendant’s brine with his hand, booming the victim’s shoulder, booming the victim’s shoulder, booming the victim’s shoulder, booming it over the floor by cutting the victim’s shoulder on his/her part, and booming the victim’s arms on his/her part, thereby preventing him/her from driving the victim for ten minutes.

2. In light of the evidence adopted and examined by this Court, the fact that the defendant committed an act as stated in the facts charged is acknowledged.

However, according to the above evidence: ① the Defendant was a train crew member engaged in inspection marks and travel guide, etc.; ② the Defendant discovered D with repeated passenger cars and demanded him to produce boarding passes, but D refused to use them and caused a threat that knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife from the train of this case where passengers were at the time of refusal to use them; ② The Defendant saw D with a car knife knife without passengers on board for the convenience of other passengers, and demanded him to present boarding passes at the same place as above, but D continued to comply with this and continued to interfere with the request; ③ The Defendant spited the Defendant’s face and sprinked the Defendant’s knife knife in the Defendant’s face and asked the police to transfer it over to knife as stated in the facts charged.