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A Imprisonment for eight months, Defendant B, and Defendant C shall be punished by imprisonment for six months.

except that this judgment.


Punishment of the crime


A is a business owner who operates a Mazoo business with the trade name "I" on the third floor of the 5th floor of the building in Ulsan-gu, Ulsan-gu, and the defendant B plays a role in managing, calculating and managing women of sexual traffic as the head of the day office of the above business establishment, and the defendant C performs a role in managing calculation and books as the head of the night office of the above business establishment, and the defendant C performs a role in managing sexual traffic business establishment.

No one shall arrange, induce or induce sexual traffic or provide a place for sexual traffic, etc.

From September 2017 (from the beginning of December 2017 to the beginning of December 16, 2018) the Defendants provided four sexual traffic prevention facilities and shower facilities, etc. at the above establishment, Defendant B was the head of the Kabter (09:0-19:00), Defendant C as the head of the Kabter office at night (19:00 to the next 05:00 on the following day) and employed female employees, and had them engage in sexual traffic, such as sexual intercourse or similar sexual intercourse, and paid 50,000 won out of them to female employees who engaged in sexual traffic after receiving 100,000 won from customers.

As a result, the Defendants conspired to arrange commercial sex acts for business purposes.

Summary of Evidence

1. Defendants’ legal statement

1. The suspect interrogation protocol of the defendant A and B by the prosecution;

1. Police suspect interrogation protocol of L, M, or N;

1. Statement of the police statement related H;

1. Each report on investigation;

1. The police seizure record and the list of seizure;

1. Application of statutes on the details of transactions in each account, such as control photographs, Kakao messages, real estate lease contracts, respective letters, transfer contracts, text messages, CCTV photographs, business photographs, etc.;

1. Article 19 (2) 1 of the Act on the Punishment of Acts of Arranging Sexual Traffic, Etc. under the relevant Acts concerning facts constituting an offense;

1. Article 62 (1) of the Criminal Act of the suspended execution;

1. Article 62-2 of the Criminal Act of each community service order;

1. Defendant A: The punishment of acts of arranging sexual traffic, etc. under Article 48(1) of the Criminal Act.