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대전지방법원 서산지원 2017.07.07 2016고단701

1. Defendant A shall be punished by imprisonment with prison labor for one year and six months;

However, the above punishment shall be imposed for a period of three years from the date this judgment becomes final and conclusive.


Punishment of the crime

Defendant B and A established an O farming association corporation around March 18, 2008 (the change of name to E farming association corporation on February 28, 2013) and Defendant B were the representative director of the corporation, Defendant A was in charge of the purchase and sale of farmland of the said corporation since he/she assumed office as a director, and Defendant C and Defendant D were in charge of the application for certification of farmland acquisition and the registration of farmland registration, etc. as the office manager working at the office of each certified judicial scrivener.

Meanwhile, Defendant E’s agricultural partnership (representative director B) is a corporation established for the purchase of farmland by the above A and B for the benefit of resale after selling it in lots, and Defendant FF farming association (P) is a corporation established separately for the above purpose around February 27, 2014.

1. The joint crimes committed by defendants B, A, C, and D shall not be owned by any person other than those who use or use the farmland for his/her own agricultural management, and shall not obtain certification of farmland acquisition qualifications by fraud or other improper means for the purpose of owning the farmland in violation of such provision;


B and A, since the establishment of an O farming association corporation around March 18, 2008 (the present E farming association corporation), acquired farmland in the name of the above farming association corporation in Seosan, Seoan-do, Qgu, Qgu, Qgu, in the name of the above farming association corporation, and obtained profit from sale by selling the farmland to persons who do not intend to engage in agricultural management in the above farmland by dividing it into subdivisions or equity shares. Since February 27, 2014, the above F farming association corporation was willing to purchase and sell the farmland in the same manner and obtain profit from sale. Since February 27, 2014, the above B purchased farmland in the same manner, and the above A takes charge of purchasing farmland again and selling the purchased farmland through R of employees of the above corporation, while Defendant C, the head of the office of the "TA certified judicial scrivener" office in Seosan-si, and the head of the "V certified judicial scrivener office" office in U, the head of the defendant D and the above corporation for the purpose of "agricultural management".