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(영문) 광주지방법원목포지원 2020.11.17 2019고단1067


A Imprisonment with prison labor for six months and for ten months, respectively.

, however, for two years from the date this judgment becomes final and conclusive.


Punishment of the crime

Defendant B was sentenced to two years of imprisonment with prison labor for special larceny on July 5, 2019 and the decision became final and conclusive on July 13, 2019.

Criminal facts


B is the friendship of the victim C(8 years of age) with intellectual disability 3, and the defendant A was the mother of the victim due to the de facto marital relationship with the defendant B, and the defendants and the victim were also residing in D Apartment E at the time of Bapopo-si.

1. Defendant A around September 18, 2018, around September 18, 2018, at the above residence, the Defendant was faced with plastic pest, which was called call on the ground that the victim scams food, and was faced with the victim’s head.

As a result, the Defendant inflicted bodily injury on the victim during a period of two weeks on the part of the victim, and at the same time, committed physical abuse that may inflict bodily injury on the victim or may injure physical health and development.

2. From October 27, 2018 to around the 28th day of the same month, Defendant B, on the ground that the victim was a tree located in his/her house on the ground that he/she did not hear his/her own speech, she was 10 times at approximately 10 times at the floor of the victim’s mass hair, and she told the victim that he/she “debrised and killed,” and she was strokeed by both hands.

As a result, the Defendant committed an act of physical abuse against the victim, resulting in the victim’s bodily harm or other bodily harm, etc. in the part of a part of an unidentified part that requires treatment for about two weeks, and at the same time, engaged in physical harm.

Summary of Evidence


F Legal Statements

1. Report on internal investigation by the prosecution (related to attachment of documents submitted by a specialized agency for child protection in the right to remain in front and in front), reports on emergency measures against Defendant A, and a summary of the case;

1. Reports on internal investigation (related to attaching photographs of damaged children), photographs of victimized children of damaged parts;

1. Investigation reports (such as recording of statements and recording records), stenographic records;