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(영문) 대구지방법원 안동지원 2016.11.29 2016고단789

[Defendant A] The defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for eight months.

However, for two years from the date this judgment becomes final and conclusive, the above sentence shall be executed.


Punishment of the crime

1. Defendant A is a person engaged in driving a car in CK7.

On June 28, 2016, at around 03:15, the Defendant driven the above vehicle without obtaining a driver's license, and made the front of the cafeteria D in Ansan-si turn to the left-hand turn from the leleto the letoth of the letoth of the le to the letoth of the virtue.

There is no distinction between a roadway and a sidewalk, and both vehicles are parked on both sides of the road, and there was a duty of care to safely drive the steering system by reducing the speed for those engaged in driving service and properly manipulating the steering system and the steering system.

Nevertheless, the defendant neglected to turn to the left as it was, by negligence, left the road on the left side of the victim F (the age of 18) who walked on the right side of the road in the front direction of the defendant's proceeding.

Although the Defendant suffered injury to sugar, etc. without any wife within two weeks open, which requires approximately three weeks of medical treatment, due to occupational negligence, the Defendant escaped without taking necessary measures, such as identifying the identity of the Defendant against the victim or the police officer, etc. related to the traffic accident.

2. Defendant B, at the date, time, and place specified in the foregoing Paragraph (1) above, with the intent to escape from the above F with the knowledge that the said F would not recognize the person causing a traffic accident under the influence of alcohol while the said F was identified after the occurrence of the traffic accident as above, and the said F would not be aware of the degree of damage to the said F, and the said F would be “I wish to wait for the said A by the 119th time after leaving the 119 vehicle, setting up at a place where the 119 vehicle could not be known,” and the said A parked the said CK7 car on the way near the said E restaurant, and reported the said 119 vehicle.

At around 03:20 on the same day, the defendant was dispatched from a non-permanent first responder who received 119 reports in front of a restaurant.