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(영문) 광주지방법원 2013.04.18 2012고단6902 (1)

The prosecution of this case is dismissed.


The Defendant, the representative director of C Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “C”), who is a planning real estate company, is the head of the above company, and the price of land D and 20,000 won for E Co., Ltd. working as the head of the above company, and the youth hostel, artist village, hanok village, pent village, commercial village, etc. as well as the development plan to be developed as a usual 20,000 won, so even if the Defendant purchased the above land, it could not reach gains from the rapid increase in land prices. However, on April 16, 2010, the Defendant displayed a development plan of 150,000 square meters for the above land to the victim F. The Defendant was to develop the above land at 150,000 square meters for 10,000,000 won for 200,000,0000 won for 10,0000,000 won for 20,000 won for 300,00.

However, in fact, the market price of the above land is less than 50,000 won per square, and even if the land is purchased, it could not reach a profit from the market price due to a sudden increase in land prices, and E. that the defendant intended to develop.