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수원지방법원 안산지원 2016.05.19 2016고정478

The sentence of sentence against the defendant shall be suspended.


Punishment of the crime

Any person who manufactures or processes food shall register with the Mayor having jurisdiction over the location of the place of business.

Nevertheless, the Defendant, while operating a restaurant under the name of “C” in Ansan-si, a member B of Ansan-si, without registering “food manufacturing and processing business”. From December 14, 2015 to December 16, 2015, the Defendant manufactured bread using the opportun of the restaurant and distributed and sold bread to Ansan-si Doz.

Summary of Evidence

1. Statement by the defendant in court;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes on a business trip, a letter of business trip (a letter of business trip for the manufacturing of unreported foods);

1. Article 95 subparagraph 2-2 of the Food Sanitation Act and Article 37 (5) of the same Act concerning facts constituting an offense (excluding punishment);

1. Articles 70(1) and 69(2) of the Criminal Act (100,000 won per day) of the Criminal Act to attract a workhouse;

1. Article 59 (1) of the Criminal Act of the Suspension of Pronouncement [Suspension: Fine of 500,000 won, and that the defendant shall confession the crime of this case and will not repeat the same kind of crime in the future;

The following circumstances are taken into account: (a) the details of the instant crime are minor and relatively short; (b) the Defendant acquired permanent residence in the Republic of Korea as a foreigner and lives with his wife and children; and (c) the Defendant did not have the same criminal record.