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대전지방법원홍성지원 2016.10.18 2016가단3010

1. The Defendant: (a) KRW 20,000,000 for the Plaintiff and 5% per annum from October 23, 2014 to October 18, 2016; and (b).


1. Facts of recognition;

A. A. Around August 2013, the Defendant requested counseling from D Middle School Counseling Teachers E to provide counseling, and during the training process, her friend mother was driving a vehicle and her her friend child was involved in a traffic accident, and during the training process, her friended her friend, and D middle schools that the Defendant thought to have suffered sexual assault, requested the budget police station on August 26, 2013 to investigate sexual assault against the Plaintiff. Accordingly, the Plaintiff was detained on the following charges on October 2013.

Around 17:00 on August 8, 2013, the Defendant (hereinafter “Plaintiff”) committed an indecent act against the victim B (hereinafter “Defendant”) in front of G in the Chungcheongnam-gun budget-gun F, Chungcheongnam-gun, with a vehicle driving in conflict with the Defendant’s vehicle and having caused an accident. The Defendant had the victim and the victim take the victim’s seat at the Defendant’s vehicle maintenance station located in the Y located in Chungcheongnam-gun, Chungcheongnam-gun, Seoul Special Metropolitan City, about 5km away from the scene of the accident, left the vehicle registration certificate of the vehicle driven by the victim. Around August 17:0, 2013, the Defendant had the victim take aboard the vehicle in the accident site, and went to the accident site, and had the victim take advantage of the aforementioned vehicle maintenance station at the entrance of the DJ meeting located in the budget-gun, Chungcheongnam-gun, Seoul Special Metropolitan City, to the effect that “the Defendant forced the victim to set a fixed amount on the road and forced the victim to make a prompt report to the police of the Defendant.”

B. However, on October 23, 2014, the Plaintiff was sentenced to acquittal by this Court 2013Gohap58, and the prosecution appealed, but was sentenced to acquittal by the Daejeon High Court 2014No518 on May 15, 2015, and the said judgment of the appellate court became final and conclusive.

Grounds for recognition: evidence A 1, 2-.