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수원지방법원 2017.06.26 2016고단6170

A defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for six months.

However, the execution of the above sentence shall be suspended for a period of one year from the date this judgment becomes final and conclusive.


Punishment of the crime

around September 6, 2016, the Defendant: (a) around 21:35 on September 6, 2016, 2016, at “E amusement shop” operated by the victim D in Osan-si, Sinsan, the Defendant was unable to avoid disturbance for about 20 minutes by putting four beer diseaseers on the floor of the table, breaking up four beer who was on the table, and breaking up seven beer soldiers on the table of the table; and (b) having seven beers on the floor of the table.

Accordingly, the Defendant interfered with the victim's entertainment shop business by force.

On September 30, 2016, the Defendant: (a) around 21:10 on September 30, 2016, the Defendant: (b) laid the door in front of a restaurant on the ground that the entrance was not opened in the “I cafeteria operated by the victim H of the damage in Y in Masan-si; (c) laid down a water tank in front of the restaurant; and (d) destroyed a water tank of 100,000 won in the market value of the victim’s ownership; and (d) destroyed a water tank of 10,000 won in which the market price on the side of the water tank is unknown.

around 11:40 on November 1, 2016, the Defendant, “2016 Highest 6923,” up to 2923, on the ground that the said victim, who she and she returned to the her own restaurant, was refusing to meet any longer, and up to 3,000 won of the market price at which she was in the restaurant, and continued to gather 20,000 won of the market price.

Accordingly, the Defendant damaged the property owned by the victim.

The Defendant of “2016 Highest 8122”, the Defendant, from December 5, 2016 to December 17:00, 2016, to December 21:40, 2016, who was in a relationship with the Defendant at an I restaurant operated by the Victim H in Osan-si, Osan-si.

For the reason that the victim did not respond to the victim's request for returning home, it was difficult to avoid disturbance, such as taking a bath with a large sound.

Accordingly, the defendant interfered with the victim's restaurant operation by force.

Summary of Evidence

"2016 Highest 6170"

1. Statement by the defendant in court;

1. A protocol concerning the interrogation of suspect with respect to F;

1. Written statements prepared in D;

1. Photographs "2016 Mano 6822".