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서울동부지방법원 2019.09.25 2019고정757

The prosecution of this case is dismissed.


1. On June 16, 2019, around 19:30 on June 16, 2019, the Defendant: (a) committed assault against the victim C (the 26-year-old son) who is the tenant in front of the house of the Defendant, Gangdong-gu Seoul, Seoul, as a matter of the disposal of food waste bags; (b) the victim in a dispute, who gets wnd away tobacco, and committed assault against the

2. Determination

(a) Applicable provisions of Acts: Article 260 (1) of the Criminal Act;

(b) Crimes of non-compliance with will: Article 260 (3) of the Criminal Act.

C. The Defendant did not want the punishment after the instant indictment. D. The Defendant expressed his intention not to have the Defendant punished.

Judgment dismissing public prosecution: Article 327 subparagraph 6 of the Criminal Procedure Act