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특허법원 2015.09.17 2015허475

1. The decision made by the Intellectual Property Tribunal on December 30, 2014 on the case No. 2014Da1046 is revoked.

2. The costs of lawsuit shall be.


1. Basic facts

A. The title of the instant patent invention 1) invention: (a) the insect rap 2) priority date / the international filing date / the registration date / registration number : the patent invention of this case, the outline of the instant patent invention, is related to insect rap, which is simple and efficient, and designed to facilitate repair, repair and cleaning.

종래에는 하우징에 들어 있는 접착판 또는 접착지(接着紙)와 같은 곤충 트랩수단을 사용하였는데, 규칙적으로 교체하거나 트랩을 청소할 필요가 있는 문제점이 있었고, 옥외나 공장에 설치되고 전원이 닿는 벽에 장착되는 트랩들을 세척할 때 전기 콘택트를 절연하는 등 접근이 불편한 문제점이 있었다.

In order to solve these problems, the patented invention of this case is an insect trap (10) equipped with a press wing installed in a wing wing and a wing wing wing and equipped with a dog with a wing wing so that the insects enter the wing wing. Since the presses support one or more luminous sources, the said presses and luminous sources are able to easily access all of the luminous and insect capture means so that the insect capture means that can be installed on the above white rings can be easily accessible from the first location located on the above white wings to the above white wings so that all of the luminous and insect capture means can be easily accessible during repair.

5) Claims and major drawings: (b) Prior Inventions 1 (Evidence 4) are as shown in attached Table 1. (b) Prior Inventions 1 (Evidence 4) are related to the “improvement structure of insect lamps” published in Article 2790173 of the Chinese Patent Gazette published on June 28, 2006, and the main contents and drawings thereof are as listed in attached Table 2(1).

2) Prior Invention 2 (No. 5 No. 5) is related to the 'Nerode capture and monitoring system' published in the Patent Gazette No. 2005-87978 of September 1, 2005.