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(영문) 광주지방법원 2016.03.30 2015나11492

1. Revocation of a judgment of the first instance;

2. The Defendants shall claim against the Plaintiff for the payment of the deposit stated in the attached list.


1. As to the Plaintiff’s assertion as follows, Defendant C made a confession, and the rest of the Defendants did not dispute.

The plaintiff is the representative of the KJ meeting.

B. The first 188 square meters and J 1927.9 square meters were owned by the said clan, and the said clan entrusted L with the name of each of the said lands.

C. The Korea Land and Housing Corporation has accepted each of the above land while implementing the “M development project” and deposited 18,126,200 won of land compensation with L of the deposited person as shown in the attached Form on July 8, 2014.

The defendants who inherited the right to claim the payment of the above deposit money upon the death of L, agreed to transfer the right to claim the payment of deposit money to the plaintiff who is the representative of the above clan.

2. According to the above facts, the Defendants are obligated to express their intent to each of the claims for payment of the deposit money to the Plaintiff and to notify the Republic of Korea (the competent district court deposit officer of Gwangju District Court).

3. If so, the plaintiff's claim shall be accepted on the ground of its reasoning, and the judgment of the court of first instance which has different conclusions is unfair, and it shall be revoked, and it shall be decided as per Disposition by the defendants to order their performance.