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(영문) 서울중앙지방법원 2019.05.10 2018가단5277450

1. As to the Plaintiff KRW 35,259,474 and KRW 11,33,408 among them from November 8, 2018 to the date of full payment, the Defendant shall pay to the Plaintiff 18.


1. Special claim indicating the claim: A/Account Number D/Sized Principal 11,33,408 won/interest 1,609,338 won/interest 12,942,746 won/interest 18.64% of the total amount of 12,942,746 won/interest 18.64% of the general bond in arrears: E/Account Number F/Sized Amount 21,600,000,000 won/unredeemed principal 21,000,000,000 won/Agreement 759,692 won/ overdue interest 557,036 won/total amount 22,316,728 won/interest 23.65% of the overdue interest rate;

2. Article 208(3)2 of the Civil Procedure Act (the defendant shall be deemed to have led to the confession of all the plaintiff's allegations in accordance with Article 150(3) of the Civil Procedure Act, since he/she has raised an objection to the formal contents after being served with the original copy of the payment order, and has been absent on the date of pleading without submitting