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(영문) 광주지방법원순천지원 2015.02.25 2014가단21674

1. From 20,000,000 to 20,000 won from the Plaintiff, the Defendant, from August 20, 2014 to 20, 118.


1. On May 20, 2013, the Plaintiff indicated the claim that the Plaintiff leased the instant dan 20 million (hereinafter referred to as the “instant dan 2,00,000 won for lease deposit, the lease term of 60 months, and the monthly rent of 2,00,000 won, to the Defendant on August 20, 2014, who was in arrears from August 20, 2014 to October 20, and thus, ordered the Defendant to deliver the instant dan 20,000 to the Defendant.

2. Judgment without holding any pleadings (Article 208 (3) 1 of the Civil Procedure Act);