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(영문) 서울동부지방법원 2019.03.27 2018가단138003

1. The Defendants shall jointly and severally pay to the Plaintiff KRW 76,182,684 and KRW 72,861,55 among them, from June 1, 2005.


1. The description of the grounds for the change in the specification of the claim;

2. Judgment without holding any pleadings (Articles 208 (3) 1 and 257 of the Civil Procedure Act);

3. The plaintiff's dismissal part against the defendants, unlike the purport of the application for the payment order order decision in the Seoul Western District Court 2008Guj10842, the final Seoul Western District Court 2008Da10842, claimed damages for delay from June 1, 2005 against the provisional payment amounting to 547,200 won. However, the lawsuit of this case is exceptionally accepted for the interruption of the extinctive prescription of the claim for the final and conclusive payment order decision, and it cannot be claimed against the res judicata effect of the final and conclusive judgment. Thus, the plaintiff's claim against