부산지방법원서부지원 2019.09.06 2019가단3811

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1. The Defendant shall pay to the Plaintiff KRW 56,80,000 and the interest rate of KRW 12% per annum from June 22, 2019 to the day of complete payment.


1. Indication of claims: To be as specified in attached Form 1;

2. Judgment without holding any pleadings (Articles 208 (3) 1 and 257 of the Civil Procedure Act);

3. The statutory interest rate under the main sentence of Article 3(1) of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Promotion, etc. of Legal Proceedings is partially amended on May 21, 2019 by 12/100 per annum. Since the interest rate prescribed by Presidential Decree was enforced on June 1, 2019, the portion claimed for delay damages from June 1, 2019 to the date of full payment shall be cited only in the portion calculated at the rate of 12/10 per annum, and the remainder shall be dismissed.