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1. As to KRW 127,00,000 among the Plaintiff and KRW 77,000,000, the Defendant shall pay to the Plaintiff KRW 50,000 from December 31, 2015.


1. Basic facts

A. The status of the party as a third party architectural firm refers to the CM Management on August 20, 2014.

C&M architectural firms and third-party architectural firms in charge of design business were divided into three-party architectural firms and three-party architectural firms in charge of design business, and three-party architectural firms were changed into the Plaintiff on August 22, 2014.

B. On February 28, 2014, the Plaintiff entered into the instant service contract with the Defendant for the public recruitment of the Defendant and the Postal Development Business Operators of the Postal Areas Development Project for the Postal Areas in the Railway Site (hereinafter “instant project”), and entered into a contract for the preparation of the instant service project plan (hereinafter “instant service contract”) with the instant public recruitment of the instant business operators (hereinafter “instant public recruitment”), and the main contents related to the instant case are as follows.

A: Defendant B: Plaintiff 4 (Time of Payment and Method of Payment) (1) The service cost shall be claimed to Party A by the date of each of the following claims, and Party A shall pay in cash within seven days from the date of receipt of the relevant documents by Party B.

Article 10 (Compensation) A and B may claim damages to the other party within the extent of the contract amount where the other party causes damages due to the contract modification under Article 7(2), the contract cancellation under Article 8 and termination under Article 9, or the breach of the contract, when the other party causes damages to the other party when the other party is selected as a priority negotiating party at the time of the submission of the project proposal 50,000,000 up to 50,000,000 when the project proposal was submitted for the project proposal 50,000,000,000,0000.

Article 20 (Matters of Special Agreement) In selecting a person subject to preferential negotiation, B shall not additionally claim direct expenses, expenses, and royalties for the purpose of this Agreement on the condition that B performs the following:

1. Scope of design service - Basic construction and working design - Various deliberations, responses and measures;