대구지방법원 2014.12.05 2014노1097



The prosecutor's appeal is dismissed.


1. According to the summary of the grounds for appeal (as to the acquittal portion), the court below rendered a not-guilty verdict on this part of the facts charged, although it can be found guilty of this part of the facts charged, which is erroneous in the misapprehension of facts, which affected the conclusion of the judgment

2. Determination

가. 공소사실의 요지 피고인 A, B는 공모하여, 2012. 12. 12. 09:20경 구미시 인동 인동시장 골목길 내에서, 피고인 A는 R 카니발 차량을 운전하고, 피고인 B는 조수석에 동승한 채 피해자 Z이 음주운전을 한다는 사실을 알고 피해자의 아반떼 차량을 뒤따라가 피해자에게 “술 먹었잖아. 경찰 부를 테니 같이 불어보자. 차수리비와 술 먹고 도망간 괘씸죄도 있으니 500만원에 합의를 하라.”라고 말하여 피해자를 협박한 후 이에 겁을 먹은 피해자로부터 같은 날 합의금 명목으로 400만원을 교부받아, 재물을 갈취하였다.

B. In light of the following circumstances acknowledged by the evidence duly admitted and examined by the court below as to the above facts charged, namely, Defendant B only stated that he was on a fluent match when he was in fluent with the victim, and the Defendant stated to the same purport, the court below determined that this part of the facts charged constituted a case where there is no proof of a crime, since there is no evidence to acknowledge that the Defendant participated in the above acts.

C. In the process of investigating the following circumstances acknowledged by the records of the instant case, i.e., investigation by an investigative agency, and investigating the other party who remitted at least 50,000 won after ascertaining the account details in the name of A in order to verify the additional crime.