창원지방법원 2012.09.14 2012고단1882



1. Defendant A

(a) The defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for eight months;

(b) the evidence of No. 332 of the 12-year pressure of the District Prosecutors' Office that has been seized;


Punishment of the crime

[2012 Highest 1882] No person shall provide game products for distribution or use, or display or keep them for that purpose. While he/she does not engage in an act of exchanging tangible or intangible results obtained through the use of the game products as a business, Defendant A, in collusion with B, set up 23 computer monitoring units and 21 main body at the above place from March 15, 2012 to August 18, 2012, in collusion with B, he/she provided points to customers who find this game site without rating from the Game Rating Board, and exchanged in cash for points obtained through the above game products by deducting 10,000 won per exchange commission from 10,000 won.

【2012 Highest 2102 【No one shall distribute or use game products which have not been rated by the Game Rating Board, and no one may engage in business of exchanging results obtained through the use of game products;

1. Defendant B

A. Defendant B, in collusion with H, I, and J, etc. on July 21, 201 to the 25th of the same month, was engaged in the business of exchanging 10% of the points obtained by customers by deducting 10% from the points obtained through the use of game products by providing CCTV for the use of an unspecified number of customers who found the place after installing the said CCTV for the game at the above location, the game classification committee was not classified by the game products, or refused to be classified by the game software rating committee, “emergency situation”, “emergency situation”, and the game machine for the control.

B. Defendant B, in collusion, etc. with Defendant B, etc. at the window F of the Changwon-si’s window, was the same between March 15, 2012 and the 18th day of the same month.