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Punishment of A 10,00,000 won, fine of 200,000 won for Defendant B, and Defendant C.


Punishment of the crime

1. On September 15, 2005, the Defendant claimed insurance money as if the perpetrator first ended with the Victim Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. on September 14, 2005, when he parked the vehicle at the J New Franton's village parking lot in Gyeonggi Kimpo-dong, Kimpo-dong, Kimpo-dong, Kimpo-dong, Kimpo-dong, on September 11, 2005, the Defendant got off the vehicle and parked the vehicle at the J New Fexton's village parking lot, which caused a traffic accident where the Defendant was on the back of the driver's seat and the collision between the vehicle's seat and the vehicle's seat.

However, there was no fact that the defendant was on board the above Ecuas car, and there was no fact that he was injured.

The Defendant, as such, by deceiving the victim, received insurance proceeds of KRW 33,800 in total from the victim on December 19, 2005 and KRW 72,870 in total on two occasions, including KRW 39,070 in the name of medical expenses around December 28, 2005, in the name of medical expenses, around December 19, 2005.

2. Defendant A

가. 피해자 LIG손해보험 주식회사에 대한 사기 피고인은 2007. 1. 18. 14:00경 L 도요타 승용차를 타고 가던 중 인천시 계양구 장기동 장기사거리 매립지 도로상에서 I이 M 코란도 승용차를 운전하여 주행하다가 도로에 떨어져 있는 물건(화물차량의 범퍼 종류의 물건으로 추정)을 발견하고 이를 피하려고 하였으나 미처 피하지 못하고 바퀴가 그 물건을 튕겨서 위 L 도요타 승용차의 앞 범퍼 밑으로 들어가게 하는 교통사고가 발생하였는데, 그 다음날 피해자 LIG손해보험 주식회사에 위 도요타 승용차를 운전하다가 위 사고로 상해를 입은 것처럼 보험금을 청구하였다.

However, the defendant was boarding the back of the car in the above Dota-gu, and the hospital did not have any injury to the extent that it requires medical treatment for about three months.

The Defendant, as such, deceiving the victim and deceiving him from the victim on February 16, 2007, shall be KRW 230,390 in terms of medical expenses, around March 30, 2007, KRW 367,330 in terms of medical expenses, and around March 30, 2007. < Amended by Act No. 8307, Mar. 30, 2007>