(영문) 전주지방법원군산지원 2015.06.04 2014가합12210

건물명도 등


1. The Defendants deliver to the Plaintiff the leased real estate indicated in the separate sheet, and from November 1, 2014, arrears described in the separate sheet and others.


1. Facts of recognition;

5. Where a lessee has committed any of the following acts under Article 10 (Cancellation and Termination of Lease Contracts) of the general conditions of the contract, the lessor may cancel or terminate this contract, or refuse to renew the lease contract:

4. Where the rent is in arrears for at least three consecutive months;

6. A lessor under Article 1 of the Special Conditions for the Contract (Renewal of Lease) may renew the lease contract on a two-year basis with the lessee who maintains the eligibility to move into the national rental housing (such as a house without a house owner, asset ownership, income, requirements for restricting the scale of a house on a single-household basis, etc.);

In such cases, the lessee shall accept the terms and conditions of lease deposit, rent, etc. determined by the lessee, and notify the lessor of the intention to renew the lease by not later than one month before the expiration date of the lease contract.

Article 8 (Payment of Rent, etc. Following Cancellation or Termination of Lease Contract) The lessee shall, within one month from the date of cancellation or termination of the lease contract, order the lessor to pay all the charges, such as rent, management fee, etc. from the date of cancellation or termination of the lease contract to the date of order.

The Plaintiff and the Plaintiff’s attorney submitted a written application to resume the lawsuit to the said Defendants, but C, which was the original Defendant, died on September 20, 2013, before the lawsuit was filed, and thus, the written application to resume the lawsuit is deemed an application to correct the indication of the party.

In addition to the above, the leased real estate stated in the attached Form was leased and delivered to the other Defendants and C respectively as follows:

B. Meanwhile, upon the death of September 20, 2013 by C, Defendant A and B succeeded to the status of lessee against the Plaintiff by inheritance of Defendant A and B’s children at the respective 1/2 equity ratio.

C. As of October 31, 2014, the Defendants paid rent for at least three months.