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1. The judgment of the court of first instance is revoked, and all of the plaintiff's claims against the Defendants corresponding to the revoked part are asserted.


B. The Defendant Company A (hereinafter “Defendant Company”) paid each of the advance payment for the instant project to the Defendant Company A (hereinafter “Defendant Company”) KRW 10 million on March 31, 2010, KRW 200 million on April 8, 2010, and KRW 200 million on April 9, 2010.

C. On April 10, 2010, K and the Defendants concluded a periodic contract on the advance payment of the instant project, and entered into a music record agreement (hereinafter “production agreement of this case”) with the following contents.

K (the “A”) and the Defendant Company (the “B”), and the Defendant B (the “B”) enter into a contract as follows:

Section 1 (Purpose of Contract) This Agreement is to clarify the rights and obligations between Gap, Eul, and Byung in distributing and selling exclusively with Gap and Eul for the next 2 uses of Liii, a sound source of the CD CD package, which is a member of J, H, and I, who is a member of G prior to the number of households belonging to C (hereinafter referred to as “production”).

Al 11 Al. 1, 201. Al. 1, 201. Al. 1, 201. Al. 1, 201. Al. 1, 201. Al. 1, 201. Al. 1, 201. 3. 3. 3., 2. . of Al. 1, 2.1. E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E. ., E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E., E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E. . E.

Article 5 (Rights and Duties of A)

1. A shall pay to B expenses for the production of crops and publicity activities therefor in advance;

2. A and B shall have an exclusive and exclusive right to sell and distribute products during the term of the contract.

Article 6 (Rights and Duties of Residents)

1.B shall have the obligation to pay in advance.

Article 7 (Rights and Duties of Soldiers)

2.C shall jointly and severally guarantee the obligations and performance of Section B above 6.

Article 8 (Reversion of Right)

1.A and B shall have the exclusive right to distribute and sell the production under this contract.

§ 9.