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1. The Plaintiff:

A. The defendants are jointly and severally liable for 1,980,200,642 won and 27,49,989 won among them. < Amended by Act No. 5495, Dec. 27, 1997>


1. Determination as to the claim against Defendant A, B, C, and D

(a) Indication of claims: To be as shown in the reasons for the claims;

(b) Judgment made by deemed confession (Article 208 (3) 2 and Article 150 (3) of the Civil Procedure Act);

2. Determination as to the claim against Defendant E

A. The following facts can be acknowledged if there is no dispute between the parties, or if we look at the overall purport of the arguments as a result of the fact inquiry reply against Gap's evidence Nos. 1 through 16 (including paper numbers), and the National Pension Service Director, President of the National Pension Service, President of the Pyeongtaek Housing Site and President of Pyeongtaek-si Tax Office.

(1) Defendant A (hereinafter “A”) is a company established on February 26, 1965 with the location of Pyeongtaek-si F for the purpose of manufacturing, selling, etc. cosmetics.

B. On January 23, 1996, Defendant A entered into a credit guarantee agreement between the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff on KRW 270,000,000 of the guaranteed principal, KRW 350,000 of the guaranteed principal on April 24, 1997, and KRW 1,330,00,000 of the guaranteed principal on June 27, 1997, and received a loan from a financial institution as security.

Defendant A, on November 29, 1997, lost the benefit of time to the financial institution due to the occurrence of the political party’s fault, and on April 22, 1998, the Plaintiff acquired the right of recourse including subrogated of KRW 254,853,397 to the new bank on April 22, 1998, and received a favorable judgment on April 24, 2003 by filing a claim for reimbursement under Seoul District Court 202Ga347681.

Applicant The composition procedure commenced on March 10, 1998 against Defendant A, but the decision of revocation of composition was finalized on December 3, 2004, and on January 10, 2005, the Suwon District Court 2004Hahap6 was declared bankrupt.

(v) Co., Ltd. was established on May 4, 200 with G as the representative director on May 4, 200 for the purpose of manufacturing and selling cosmetics, and on May 22, 2001, the name was changed to H Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “E”) on March 17, 2006.

⑹ 피고 E은 피고 A와 동일한 회사 인터넷 홈페이지 주소를...