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A defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than three years and six months.

Seized evidence 3 through 8 shall be confiscated, respectively.

From the defendant 45,100.


Punishment of the crime

On February 5, 2008, the Defendant was sentenced to one year of imprisonment for violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc. in the Gwangju District Court's net support on February 5, 2008, and completed the execution of the above punishment on September 11, 2008.

"2012 Highest 3353"

1. Violation of the Narcotics Control Act;

A. On October 2, 2012, the Defendant: (a) around 12:50 on October 2, 2012, entered D hotel 308 rooms located in Kimhae-si C, in a single-use injection machine; and (b) injected approximately 0.03g of mert clopon in a single-use injection machine; (c) melting water as soon as possible; and (d) injected them into the arms.

B. On October 22, 2012, around 19:25, the Defendant was not a person handling narcotics, but put 3.32 g and 2.2 g of Metepia in plastic bags, respectively, and possessed 5.98 g of Metepia in plastic bags, and 0.4 g of 0.44 g in plastic bags.

2. On October 22, 2012, the Defendant violated the Road Traffic Act: (a) around 12:50 on the day before the D hotel in Kimhae-si, Kimhae-si; (b) around 18:30 meters away from the section of approximately 40km of psychotropic drugs, through Kimhae-si, the Defendant driven a Frane-do car in a state that it is unlikely to drive normally due to its influence, by administering the psychotropic drugs, within a range of about 40km from the section of the Kimhae-si, Kimhae-si, Kimhae-si; and (c).

"2013 Highest 227" accused is not a person handling narcotics.

1. On September 21, 2009, the Defendant administered approximately 0.03g of psychotropic drugs in the mutual influoral telephone located in Busan YY G, in a way that the Defendant injected approximately 0.03g of psychotropic drugs into water, and in a way that the Defendant injected them into the bloodline for a single-use injection.

2. On February 18, 201, at around 20:00, the Defendant administered approximately 0.03 g of the Mepta-min in the mutual influorg G in Busan, and in the same manner as that of the preceding paragraph.

"2013 Highest 644" Defendant is not a person handling narcotics.

1. On May 2009, the Defendant: (a) around HO located in the Gandong-gu of Busan on the first day, with K, approximately psychotropic drugs from K, the Mescopty of the psychotropic drugs (one philopon).