(영문) 헌재 2001. 12. 7. 선고 2001헌사487 결정문 [효력정지 등 가처분신청]

[결정문] [전원재판부]


2001. Application for provisional disposition such as suspension of effect, etc.


(Appointed Party) ○○ et al. and 46 others

Claimant (Appointed Party) Attorney Lee Dong-hoon

Attorney Lee In-bok, Justice Lee Jong-hoon, Justice Kim Jong-soo, Justice Kim Jong-chul, Justice Park Jae-young

Gangwon-do Office of Education, a new Office of Education


The petitioner (appointed party)'s motion is dismissed.


An applicant (appointed party) who seeks a provisional disposition, such as the above examination execution plan and the suspension of validity of the examination publication, with respect to the examination execution plan for the selection of a person to be specially transferred to the Constitutional Court 2001Hun-Ma816 and the revocation of the publication of an open competitive examination, shall file an application with the assent of all Justices

December 7, 2001


Justices Yoon Young-young of the presiding Justice

Justices Han Han-tae

Justices Ha Young-chul

Justices Kim Young-il

Jurisdiction of Justice

Justices Kim Yong-soo

Justices Kim Jong-il

Justices Song Jin-in-Law

State Judgment Board Board of Governors