(영문) 수원지방법원 여주지원 2018.09.20 2018가단420



1. The Defendant’s KRW 11,722,230 as well as 5% per annum from January 8, 2017 to September 20, 2018 to the Plaintiff.


1. Facts of recognition;

A. On January 8, 2017, the Defendant: (a) around 14:30, the Defendant, in the front corridor, “Dvalescent Hospital” located in Leecheon-si, on the ground that the Plaintiff expressed a desire to care to the female nursing room of a person who was unable to obtain his/her name; (b) the part of the tree cane, which the Defendant bought on his/her hand, and caused injury to the Plaintiff, such as the pelke, the pelke, the open upper part of the pele, and the cerebrum, etc. (hereinafter “the instant injury”).

B. On January 24, 2017, the Defendant was indicted with Suwon District Court Branch Branch Branch Decision 2017 High Court Branch Decision 201Da316, and the said court issued a summary order that the Defendant is punished by a fine of KRW 1 million on the same day, and the said summary order became final and conclusive as it is.

[Evidence Evidence: Evidence Nos. 1, 2, and 3 (including paper numbers; hereinafter the same shall apply)

(i) entry and the purport of the entire pleadings

2. Occurrence and scope of liability for damages;

A. According to the above fact of recognition that the damages occurred, the defendant is liable to compensate the plaintiff for the damages incurred by the injury of this case.

B. 1) In light of the overall purport of the statements and arguments in Gap evidence Nos. 4 and 5 of the previous medical expense Nos. 4 and 5, the plaintiff was given medical treatment from January 8, 2017 to January 5, 2018 due to the instant injury, and it is recognized that the amount equivalent to KRW 3,782,230 has occurred due to the medical expense No. 3,782,230. 2) In full view of the following purport of the statements in Gap evidence Nos. 3 and 6 of the treatment expense No. 3 and the video and arguments, the plaintiff was found to have committed an antisive attack in the form of "Y" due to the instant injury, and thus, it is recognized that there was a fact that the plaintiff needs to receive treatment, such as an anti-reculative s

3) The Plaintiff’s injury 1) The Plaintiff continues to provide documentary evidence even after one year from the instant injury, and thus further medical treatment is required. Since the Plaintiff failed to file a patent application due to the expenditure of the medical expenses for the said injury, the Defendant shall pay 50 million won as consolation money to the Plaintiff.