(영문) 서울중앙지방법원 2014.11.18 2012나53542



1. Of the part against Plaintiff A, KRW 29,173,060 in the judgment of the court of first instance and the part related thereto, from April 20, 209 to November 18, 2014.


1. The reasons why the court should explain this part of the liability for damages are cited by the main sentence of Article 420 of the Civil Procedure Act, in addition to the fact that the "person on board", the third and tenth of the judgment of the court of the first instance, is deemed to be "the person on board" as "the person on board."

2. In addition to the matters stated below within the scope of liability for damages, each corresponding item of the Schedule of Calculation of Compensation for Damages shall be as follows, and in principle, the period for the convenience of calculation shall be calculated on a monthly basis, but less than the last month and less than KRW 1 shall be discarded.

The calculation of the current value at the time of the accident of this case shall be based on the reduction rate of 5/12 per month to the interim interest rate.

In addition, it is the purport that the parties' arguments that did not provide a separate explanation are rejected.

Personal information 1) Personal data: The same shall apply to the entry in the column for “basic matters” in the annexed sheet for calculating the amount of damages. 2) Income and operating period Plaintiff A engaged in escorting at the Industrial Bank of Korea’s computer center at the time of the instant accident, as an employee of the Stex System (hereinafter “St Company”).

(The date of joining the company outside Korea received KRW 1,954,00 as the monthly salary in January 1, 2009, KRW 1,870,040 as the monthly salary in January 2009, and KRW 1,8818,460 as the monthly salary in February 2009 (the average price of the three-month salary in the above three-month salary is KRW 1,880,833), and the above three-month salary includes the fixed amount of KRW 668,80 as the basic salary in the fixed amount, KRW 100,00 as the annual salary, KRW 38,400 as the annual salary, and KRW 38,400 as the daily salary in the previous year, it is difficult to verify the income of the plaintiff during the previous year due to the lack of proof of the actual income of the accident in this case or during the previous year in the previous year.

Therefore, the Ministry of Labor.