(영문) 수원지방법원안산지원 2017.04.19 2016가단73514



1. The Defendants are the Cheongju District Court’s voice registry office on November 14, 1996 with respect to the real estate stated in the attached list to the Plaintiff.


1. Facts of recognition;

A. The following facts are acknowledged among the Plaintiff and the Defendant C by comprehensively taking account of the overall purport of the arguments as to Gap evidence Nos. 1 through 3, and there is no counter-proof, and the Defendants were led to confession pursuant to Article 150 of each Civil Procedure Act between the Plaintiff, Defendant A, B, and D.

(1) 소외 윈윈쌍용제이차유동화 유한회사는 피고 C 및 소외 E에 대하여 서울동부지방법원 2010가단4111호 판결에 기하여 ‘140,494,031원 및 그 중 38,339,191원에 대하여 2010. 4. 25.부터 다 갚는 날까지 연 20%의 비율로 계산한 돈’에 관한 채권(이하 ‘이 사건 피보전채권’이라고 한다)을 가지고 있었다.

(2) 이 사건 피보전채권은 위 윈윈쌍용제이차유동화 유한회사로부터 전전 양도되어 최종적으로 원고에게 양도되었고, 이에 원고는 양도통지 대리권에 근거하여 2016. 1. 18. 피고 C에게 채권양도사실을 통지하였다.

(3) As of July 31, 1992, Defendant C completed the registration of ownership transfer on the real estate listed in the separate sheet (hereinafter “instant real estate”), and Defendant C had no particular property other than the instant real estate.

(4) However, the instant real estate is the Cheongju District Court’s Sound Registry No. 19784, Nov. 14, 1996, which was the Cheongju District Court’s Cheongju District Court’s 18 million won (the maximum debt amount), the debtor C, and the mortgagee F, and the hereinafter referred to as the “registration of the instant collateral security”).

(5) The above F is the mother of the Defendants, who died on March 15, 2010, and the Defendants inherited the property in proportion to the shares of 1/4.

B. In addition, on December 1, 2016, the date of the instant lawsuit, the ten-year period from the date of the occurrence of the claim secured by the registration of the instant right to collateral security, is apparent.

2. Determination:

A. According to the above facts of recognition, the registration of the instant right to collateral security is secured, barring special circumstances.