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A medical corporation, Defendant B, and Defendant B, from August 26, 2015 to the date of full payment, shall be KRW 30,000,000.


1. Basic facts

A. The Plaintiff medical corporation C (hereinafter “Plaintiff medical corporation”) is an incorporated foundation that operates the E Hospital (hereinafter “instant hospital”) that is a general hospital in Jeju City D.

B. Each of the Plaintiffs listed in [Attachment 2. through 76. List of Plaintiffs (hereinafter “Plaintiff F et al.”) is a patient hospitalized in the instant hospital’s medical care ward 2, 3, and 4 levels during the whole or part of the period from April 27, 2015 to May 7, 2015, and hospitalized treatment as a disease, such as pneumoconiosis, during which he/she was hospitalized in the instant hospital’s medical care ward 2, 3, and 4 levels.

C. Around March 2008, Defendant A, from G, intended to rent KRW 10,00,000, KRW 4,000, KRW 50,000, KRW 4,000, KRW 6,000, KRW 5,000, KRW 6,000, and around that time, the part of the above building was changed into an aggregate building on March 13, 2015 (hereinafter “instant building”); and the part of the 5,6,00,00, KRW 6,00,00, KRW 10,000, KRW 5,000, and KRW 6,00, as well as KRW 10,00,00, KRW 5,6,000, and was transferred and operated as “I’s Council.”

On April 30, 2013, the Cheongju District Court of the Bank, which is the right to collateral security regarding the instant land and building, rendered a decision to commence voluntary auction on April 30, 2013.


A medical corporation purchased the land and buildings of this case in the above voluntary auction procedure and completed the registration of ownership transfer on December 26, 2014.

E. On February 4, 2015, the Plaintiff medical corporation filed an application against Defendant A, etc. for an order to deliver real estate regarding the instant building for the voluntary auction to Cheongju District Court support K, and the said court stated that “Defendant A, etc. deliver the instant building to the Plaintiff medical corporation.”