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A, C, D, and E shall be punished by imprisonment for 10 months, and Defendant B shall be punished by imprisonment for one year and six months.


Punishment of the crime

On May 4, 2012, Defendant C was sentenced to imprisonment of 10 months with prison labor and 2 years of suspended execution in Seoul Northern District Court for fraud, and the above judgment became final and conclusive on May 12, 2012.

Criminal facts

1. Defendant A, with the knowledge of the fact that the victim K (the age of 48) was able to receive money by operating a massage place, intended to obtain money from the victim by deceiving the victim by deceptioning with the card technician, and asked the defendant E to introduce those who are capable of gambling. Defendant E introduced Defendant B, Defendant C, Defendant D, and L, who are specialized in gambling, to the defendant.


A, on November 20, 2012, at the N cafeteria located in M at the point of view on November 20, 2012, while introducing L to the victim as if he/she was his/her friendship with the victim, and Defendant B and Defendant C provided meals in the table table table table table table of the victim, and made it joint with the victim by dividing the personnel of the victim and then again to provide the same in the future.

Since then, Defendants and L enticed the victim to be the place of crime under the pretext that Defendant A will take a scambling in the P free will in Silst City, and Defendant D played a role of lending money in the gambling place, and L, Defendant C, Defendant B, and Defendant A play a card gambling in which the victim and the scamperd are the victim, but they set the signal that the scam will not be raised because the scam would be good because the scam will be scam in the gambling, and the signal that the scam will be raised if the scambling will take place during the gambling.


A, Defendant B, Defendant C, Defendant D, and L, as publicly recruited in advance, are in line with each other. On November 21, 2012, R in Q Q Q Q at Sinung-si, and Defendant B and Defendant C are in line with psychotropic drugs prepared in advance by Defendant B and Defendant C, and they are in line with the victim.