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(영문) 대전지방법원 2016.12.09 2016고정275

1. Defendant A and B shall be punished by a fine of two million won.

2. Defendant A and B do not pay each of the above fines.


The crime history room (Defendant A and B) Defendant A is the same representative of the Dong-gu Daejeon-gu G Apartment 504, Defendant B is the resident of the Dong-gu Daejeon-gu, and the victim C is the vice-chairperson of the Daejeon-gu G Apartment representative meeting.

피고인들은 2015. 6. 19. 20:51경 대전 동구 G아파트 관리소장실에서 위 아파트 대표회의 감사 H과 이야기하려 하였으나 피해자 C이 다툼이 발생할 것을 우려하여 이를 제지하자, 피고인 B은 손으로 피해자의 목 부위를 밀쳐 그곳에 있는 소파에 넘어지게 하고 계속하여 다시 일어난 피해자의 멱살을 잡았으며, 이에 가세하여 피고인 A은 피해자의 멱살을 잡았고, 위와 같이 몸싸움을 벌이면서 피고인들과 피해자가 위 관리소장실 출입문 밖으로 나가게 되자 피고인 A은 피해자를 향하여 스프레이 살충제를 뿌렸으며, 발로 피해자의 좌측 정강이를 찼다.

As a result, the Defendants jointly inflicted an injury on the victim, such as the string of a lower-age bridge part requiring treatment for about 15 days, the impairment of the string part, and the string of a string part.

Summary of Evidence

1. The defendant A and B's partial statement

1. C’s legal statement;

1. The recording of statements by witnesses I and J in the second trial records;

1. Partial statement of H in the police statement;

1. Some statements made by the prosecution against K in the protocol of statement;

1. Application of each of the Acts and subordinate statutes on Section C to the death diagnosis certificate and photographs of damage situations;

1. Article 2(2) and Article 2(1)3 of the Punishment of Violences, etc. Act (Amended by Act No. 13718, Jan. 6, 2016); Article 2(1)3 of the Criminal Act; Article 257(1) of the Criminal Act; the selection of fines

1. Articles 70 (1) and 69 (2) of the Criminal Act for the detention of a workhouse;

1. The crime of this case on the grounds of sentencing under Article 334(1) of the Criminal Procedure Act of the provisional payment order is committed by the defendants while entering into a conflict in the council of occupants' representatives in apartment buildings with other victims and causing joint injury.