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(영문) 대구지방법원경주지원 2019.07.24 2019가단11237

1. The Defendants shall list the Plaintiff’s share in attached Form 1 of Q 20 square meters before Q 20 square meters (land register: Q 66 square meters) in Q 1.


1. Description of the claim; attached Form 2;

(Attachment A, B, and N based on recognition (Article 208(3)3 of the Civil Procedure Act). 2. Determination by service by public notice (Article 208(3)3 of the Civil Procedure Act) other Defendants except Defendant A, B, and N: The judgment by deemed confession (Articles 208(3)2 and 150(3) and (1) of the Civil Procedure Act)

3. In light of various circumstances such as the fact that the Plaintiff, as a local government, was incorporated into the road the real estate stated in the order of 1958 and did not complete the registration until now, it is deemed fair to bear the litigation costs individually.