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조세심판원 조세심판 | 1994-07-12 | 국심1994서0727 | 기타
[Case Number]

National High Court 1994west0727 (O2, 1994)


Excess of land

[Types of Decision]


[Summary of Decision]

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1. As to the disposition of imposition of KRW 22,026,50 on the land excess profit tax for the taxable period portion from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 92, the head of Seocho District Tax Office notified the claimant of November 5, 93, the tax base and tax amount shall be corrected by subtracting the land excess profit from the land excess profit in the above taxable period to December 30, 90.1 through 90.

2. The remaining claims are dismissed;


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