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(영문) 대전지방법원 천안지원 2020.05.27 2020고정199

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of five million won.

If the defendant does not pay the above fine, KRW 100,000.


Punishment of the crime

The Defendant is a person who is engaged in driving Class B trucks.

At around 13:50 on December 16, 2019, the Defendant driven the above truck and driven the two lanes of the two lanes in the direction of the “D store” located in Seoan-gu, Seoan City, Seoan-gu, Seoan-si, Seoan-si, in order to drive the said truck, and followed the speed of the two lanes of the two lanes of the two lanes of the two lanes from the straight distance to

Since there is an intersection where signal lights are installed, there was a duty of care to prevent accidents in advance by driving a person engaged in driving a motor vehicle in compliance with the signal.

The Defendant neglected the duty of care as above, and neglected the duty of care as seen above, led to the occupational negligence of the Defendant, which was immediately left from the right-hand side of the Defendant’s driving to the left-hand side of the victim E (the age of 52) driving, which led to the left-hand turn from the right-hand side of the Defendant’s driving.

As a result, the Defendant suffered, by the above occupational negligence, the injury to the victim E in the upper half of the left-hand frame which requires approximately six weeks of medical treatment, and the injury to the victim G (the 70-year old age), who was on the Defendant’s truck, was in the same line with the Defendant’s driver’s truck, for about nine weeks of medical treatment, such as the right-hand fladder and the right-hand fla

Summary of Evidence

1. Defendant's legal statement;

1. The actual survey report and the report on the occurrence of any traffic accident;

1. A written diagnosis for each victim;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes governing accident site photographs;

1. Article 3 (1) and the proviso to Article 3 (2) 1 of the Act on Special Cases concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents, Article 268 of the Criminal Act concerning criminal facts;

1. Articles 40 and 50 of the Criminal Act of the Commercial Concurrent Crimes;

1. Selection of an alternative fine for punishment;

1. Articles 70 (1) and 69 (2) of the Criminal Act for the detention of a workhouse;

1. Article 334 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act of the provisional payment order;