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헌재 2019. 11. 5. 선고 2019헌아539 결정문 [도시개발법 제10조 제1항 제1호 등 위헌소원(재심)]
[결정문] [지정재판부]

2019Hun-Ga539 unconstitutionality, such as Article 10 (1) 1 of the Urban Development Act (Re-deliberation)


Red○ ○

Determination subject to review;

Constitutional Court Order 2019Hun-Ga503 Decided October 8, 2019

Date of decision

November 05, 2019


The appeal of this case is dismissed.


The claimant is constantly and repeatedly dissatisfied with the decision of the Constitutional Court where the appeal of dissatisfaction is not allowed without pointing out legitimate grounds for retrial. This constitutes abuse of the right to request adjudication on constitutional complaint.

Therefore, since the appeal of this case is all unlawful, it is dismissed in accordance with Article 72 (3) 4 of the Constitutional Court Act. It is so decided as per Disposition by the assent of all participating Justices.


The presiding judge has already been appointed

Justices Lee Dong-tae

Justices Lee Young-jin