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청주지방법원 2015.06.19 2015고단253

A defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for one year.

The defendant shall pay 5,8650,000 won to the applicant for compensation by fraud.



Punishment of the crime

"2015 Highest 392"

1. Around April 7, 2010, the Defendant stated that “The Defendant would work as a multiple employee without a mold from April 14, 2010 to a front payment,” which was operated by the victim L in the Mada operated by the victim L in the Dang-gun of the Chungcheongnambuk-gun, the Defendant said that “The Defendant would work as a multi-party employee without a mold.”

However, even if the defendant received a prepaid payment from the victim, he did not intend to work as a multiple employee.

As such, on April 8, 2010, the Defendant, by deceiving the victim, was transferred KRW 2 million from the victim to the Agricultural Cooperative Account (Account Number N) of the Defendant.

"2015 Highest 253"

2. On November 2010, while the Defendant introduced the victim'sO from the Habman on the part of the Defendant, the Defendant was able to pay the victim's debt, such as prepaid money, to the Dabn who was employed by the Defendant, to reach KRW 10,000,00 and there is no actual income and living expenses, and thus, the Defendant did not appear as if the Defendant were enrolled in the company and received monthly salary, and was willing to borrow money to pay for living expenses, etc.

On June 10, 2011, the Defendant made a false statement that “The Defendant would pay the Defendant a mobile phone fee if he/she lends KRW 300,000 to the Defendant.”

However, the defendant did not have any intention or ability to repay even if he borrowed money from the victim because there is no particular property or income.

The Defendant, from around the same day to November 2, 201, received 300,000 won from the victim, deceiving the victim as shown in the annexed crime list 1, and received 7,750,000 won over 10 times.

Accordingly, the defendant was given property by deceiving the victim.

3. In February 2014, the Defendant visited the Defendant’s house in the early February 2014, and came to know of the Victim Q, and was in school with the victim Q. At the time, the Defendant was urged to pay the debt amounting to KRW 40 million, and there was no special occupation or property.