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춘천지방법원 2013.08.12 2012고정477


A shall be punished by a fine for negligence of KRW 2,000,000, and by a fine of KRW 1,000,000.

The Defendants respectively.


Punishment of the crime

On October 4, 2011, the Defendants were employed as a assistant broker on the condition that he/she would receive remuneration (20% of the office expenses, F25%, A30%, B25%) according to the business performance from F, which opened the E Real Estate Real Estate Agent Office in Gangwon-do, and was dismissed on the ground that he/she had failed to perform his/her duties and performed his/her duties in the said office, and that he/she was dismissed on December 26, 201 after being dismissed from office by F around 12:50 on December 26, 201.

1. The Defendants’ co-principal

A. From December 26, 201, at the above office around 14:00 on December 26, 201, the Defendants pressure the victim F’s notice of dismissal, and at the above office Defendant A’s above office to prevent plucking, plucking, and plucking out the victim’s two arms, and Defendant B collected, prepared, and kept together by the victim and the Defendant B, did not return to the victim the documents containing 350 customer information (the customer’s name, telephone number, real estate address, characteristics of the goods, price of the goods, etc.) necessary for the mediation business, which is the victim’s possession, the victim and the Defendant B collected, prepared, and kept.

As a result, the Defendants conspired to interfere with the mediation of the victim by force.

B. From December 27, 2011, the Defendants conspired with F to engage in a contract with the victim H, who run the G Licensed Real Estate Agent Office, to lease the said E Real Estate Agent Office without compensation and to use it as a joint office and to operate it as a separate office, and conspired with F to interfere with the mediation business of the victim, and to arrange the victim to prepare and intermediate confirmation statements (such as wall, drawing, water supply, etc.) related to the commercial lease agreement at the above E Licensed Real Estate Agent Office around 11:00 on December 30, 2011, the Defendants reported that the victim, lessor, and lessee, who reported his/her business, are the victim, lessor, and lessee who reported his/her business, and Defendant B “any remainder of this balance,” and this is good.

A photographed, stamped, stamped, unfolded,