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창원지방법원 2018.10.31 2018고단1867

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of five million won.

If the defendant does not pay the above fine, KRW 100,000.


Criminal facts

(3) The defendant is an employer who runs the business of manufacturing pumps with three full-time workers at Kimhae-si, and has worked as production workers from June 1, 2016 to February 28, 2018, wages of 1,50,60,000 for December 2, 2017, wages of 2,60,000, wages of 2,60,000,000, 2,60,000, 2,60,000, 2,60,000, 2,00,000, 2,00,000, 2,00,00, 2,00,00,00,000, 2,000,000, 2, 2,54,654, and 2,000,000,0000 won for 2,07 months, 208,000.

Summary of Evidence

1. Statement by the defendant in court;

1. Each statement of D, E, and F;

1. Application of other Acts and subordinate statutes on the details of calculation of retirement allowances, average wages and retirement allowances, and other money and valuables, such as wages in arrears;

1. Article 109(1), Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act (which means the payment of wages, etc.), Article 44 Subparag. 1, and Article 9 of the Guarantee of Retirement Benefits for Workers (which means the payment of unpaid wages, etc.) concerning facts constituting an offense;

1. Articles 40 and 50 of the Criminal Act of the Commercial Competition;

1. Selection of each alternative fine for punishment;

1. The former part of Article 37 of the Criminal Act, and Articles 38 (1) 2 and 50 of the same Act, which aggravated concurrent crimes;

1. The reason for sentencing under Articles 70(1) and 69(2) of the Criminal Act with the detention of the workhouses is that the Defendant is pening and reflecting his mistake in depth, and some circumstances may be taken into account in terms of the motive and background leading up to each of the crimes in this case.