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대구고등법원 2018.10.04 2017나25568
약정에따른수수료지급 청구의 소

1. The plaintiff's appeal is dismissed.

2. The costs of appeal shall be borne by the Plaintiff.

The purport of the claim and appeal is the purport of the appeal.


(c)the cooperation will continue;

4. It would be possible for all relevant entities, i.e., FED, Ministry of National Defense, design firms, contractors, and inspectors to provide details of UFC requirements, ATSM standards, and AAMA conditions to strengthen business professionalizations by providing them with detailed information.

Consent Bill

1. The plaintiff's personnel will, if necessary, stay at the project site to strengthen the product's business marketing.

2. The plaintiff shall be paid with the support and effort mentioned above as follows.

All expenses related to local taxes, transportation, lodging, meals, and other projects shall be borne by the defendant.

Pursuant to the project amount, (i) remuneration of less than one billion to five billion won; (ii) more than one billion to one billion won; (iii) more than 15 to 20 percent ; and (iv) more than 3% x 3% x 3% x 3% x 4% x 5% x 6% x 5% x 6% - 5% - 6% - 7% - : (iii) total income of the project amount (sale amount); (iv) production cost - remuneration; and (v) projects less than 15% of the total income.

Article 2 Rights and Obligations of Both Parties

1. The plaintiff and the defendant jointly sell orders and creative materials for construction in GUAMet (including explosion windows). The detailed contents of promotion and profit sharing ratio should be determined separately by CUAMet.

2. However, in principle, the Defendant shall be awarded at least 15 per cent of the profit at the time of receiving orders or selling windows for construction works, but may consult on the minimum profit for each project subject to mutual agreement.

3. In the case of sale of orders and creative materials for construction (including explosion protection) under the above conditions, the Defendant shall pay the Plaintiff the sum of 2-3% of the total amount of orders to the Plaintiff, and the Defendant shall, in principle, pay the payment for the completed portion from the local construction company or the purchasing company after receiving the payment for the completed portion.

In addition, the amount of CoMI payments that the Defendant pays to the Plaintiff should be paid at the ratio of the amount paid to the local constructor or the purchasing company.