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창원지방법원 2014.09.04 2014노1179

The defendant's appeal is dismissed.


1. The defendant asserts that the summary of the grounds for appeal is unfair because the punishment (two years of suspended execution, two years of probation, and one hundred and twenty hours of social service) declared by the court below is too unreasonable.

2. It is recognized that the judgment of the defendant recognizes all his mistake and reflects that the defendant has no record of being punished for the same kind of crime.

However, each of the crimes of this case provided game products with contents different from the contents classified by the Game Rating Board and exchanged the result obtained through the game products. It is inevitable to strictly punish in light of the seriousness of social harm and harm, such as encouraging a general public's spirit of gambling and undermining work desire. The game machine provided for the crime of this case is not smaller than 30 minutes, and the defendant does not take part in the act in exchange for money, and the defendant appeals to the head of the household that it is difficult to implement the community service order due to the operation of the household factory. However, prior to the crime of this case, even prior to the crime of this case, the defendant was operating the household factory, the defendant was going to go to the crime of this case. The balance between the criminal punishment for other crimes similar to the crimes of this case and the balance with co-defendant A and B, etc., and the defendant's age, character, occupation and environment, environment, family relationship, the circumstances and result of each crime of this case, circumstances after the crime of this case, etc., the defendant's assertion that the punishment of this case is unreasonable.

3. The defendant's appeal is dismissed as it is without merit. It is so decided as per Disposition.