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(영문) 서울중앙지방법원 2016.11.23 2016고정3114

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of three million won.

If the defendant does not pay the above fine, 100,000 won shall be one day.


Punishment of the crime

The defendant and the victim B (the age of 33, the age of women) are the space between the defendant and the victim in the massage procedure and the customer in contact with the customer.

Around 15:00 on February 16, 2016, the Defendant, at “D coffee shop” located in Gangnam-gu Seoul Metropolitan Government, obtained the amount equivalent to 700,000 shares of the semiconductor company, by stating that “in fact,” despite the fact that the Defendant did not hold shares and did not have any intent or ability to transfer the shares, the Defendant would have 70,000 shares of the Defendant’s semiconductor company. In short, this shares will be raised significantly thereafter. The amount will be exceeded KRW 10,00 per share top. 7,00,000 per share.” In so doing, the Defendant, who believed the Defendant, prepared the acquisition agreement of shares, and got the victim to transfer the amount of KRW 7,00,000,000 per share to the account of the

Summary of Evidence

1. Defendant's legal statement;

1. The police statement concerning B;

1. A complaint;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes on stock acquisition agreement;

1. Relevant Article 347 (1) of the Criminal Act concerning criminal facts, the choice of a fine, and the choice of a fine;

1. Articles 70 (1) and 69 (2) of the Criminal Act for the detention of a workhouse;

1. Article 334 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act of the provisional payment order;