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(영문) 수원지방법원성남지원 2013.08.13 2011가합13230

1. As to the Plaintiff’s shares of 27.5/100 of each of the real estate listed in the separate sheet, Defendant B and C shall be as of February 12, 2007.


1. The following facts do not conflict between the parties, or may be acknowledged by considering the whole purport of the pleadings in each entry in Gap evidence Nos. 1 to 4, and Gap evidence No. 7:

The deceased E (FF, hereinafter referred to as “the deceased”) was born by Defendant B and the Plaintiff in turn after marriage with G.

B. Upon the death of G, the Deceased was born by Nonparty H, I, and J in the order of their marriage with Defendant C, and the Deceased died on April 11, 2004 and the Plaintiff, Defendant B, Nonparty H, I, I, and J jointly inherited the deceased’s property rights and duties.

C. Since then, the Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Defendant C, Defendant B, Nonparty H, I, and J for the division of inherited property under the Seoul Family Court 2005Rahap63, the following was established on February 12, 2007 between the above parties (hereinafter “instant conciliation”). Of them, each of the real estate listed in the separate sheet (hereinafter “instant real estate”) is as follows.

2. The heir sells the instant real estate in the future and owns the remainder of 45% of the total expenses (i.e., commission for real estate trade brokerage, (ii) transfer income tax, (iii) transfer expenses of Defendant B’s mother-friendly child, and (iv) inheritance tax paid in advance by Defendant C, the Plaintiff owns 27.5%, Defendant B’s 27.5%, Defendant C, Nonparty C, H, I, and J.

4. All required documents subsequent to the sale of the real estate in this case shall be submitted to the purchaser by heirs.

The progress for sale shall be entrusted to Defendant C, Nonparty H, I, and the agents designated by J, and Defendant B.

Afterward, Defendant B, the Plaintiff’s agent, and Defendant C, Nonparty H, I, and J’s agent, are to follow the instant conciliation if the instant real estate was sold and sold after completing the registration of ownership transfer in the name of Defendant B and Defendant C, respectively, around April 2008.